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Kultur- und Stadtbildwandel in Berlin seit dem Mauerfall

Berlinized: Sexy an Eis

Berlin in the 90s - changes of culture After the political changes of Berlin the city created a parallel universe by itself which seems to be forgotten nowadays: a world of cellar bars and backyard creativesIn the empty houses and flats around Berlin-Mitte a lot of different people were celebrating the freedom after the Berlin Wall had fallen down. ##Experiments and Events around Berlin: BerlinizedThe film [„BERLINIZED – SEXY AN EIS“](http://www.berlinized.de/9 takes you on a tour to 1990s’ Berlin-Mitte, both capturing and reflecting on this very unique feeling at a certain place in time. Filmmaker Lucian Busse an active protagonist of this era, took his camera everywhere to document the changing cityscape, the art scene, clubs, concerts, and also the many construction sites where free space was filled up with ever-new, ever-the-same, faceless office buildings.


Das Evangelium eines Poetryslammers

Noah Klaus / Teil 1

Dichter auf der Bühne

BB Slam

Red Carpet Interviews

Who Am I - Kein System ist sicher

Street Art at Urban Spree

Saucisse Curry

Musiker, Konzeptionskünstler und Sänger

Dieter Meier

Based in Berlin

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