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Pupkulies & Rebecca im Festsaal Kreuzberg

Im Interview: Pupkulies & Rebecca

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Freshmilk.TV met with Janosch Blaul, Rebecca Blaul and Sepp Singwald from Pupkulies&Rebecca at Festsaal Kreuzberg. The told us how they met and where the name Pupkulies came from. At the beginning of their musical career the trio lived in Berlin. Nowadays Janosch and Rebecca are married and have a son. Nevertheless, the three of them meet every weekend to entertain the dancing public with their sweet sounds. Pupkulies&Rebecca is especially famous in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in Italy.

New Album

Their newest album "Looking for the sea" was written and produced both in Gerany and in a small village in the French alps. In the interview they tell us about their love for France and it's language and why they decided to call their album "Looking for the sea".



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