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Im Interview: Jason Mraz

From Curbside Prophet to Pop God

About a decade ago, Jason Mraz was an unknown promising busker. Today he is a pop superstar with more than 11 mio friends on Facebook. Until now, he has won two Grammys and considering his great success over the last years, he will surely win a few more in his life time.

Back in the olden days, Jason was a master of spoken word poetry and a lover of puns. His lyrics were intricate, ironic and Shakespearian. Today, they are simple. When asked, Jason said that he wanted to write texts that are accessible. “Can you say: 'I won't give up on us?'”, he wonders.

Making the World a Better Place

In our Freshmilk.TV interview, Jason presented himself as a catalyst. He shares love. He has founded the Jason Mraz Foundation that does not support one great thing but nine, amongst them the freeing of slaves all over the world. Jason Mraz, keep it up. Next time we meet, we shall walk over water.


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