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Schnell, frisch und lecker

Schneller Teller #3: Schneller Apfelkuchen aus dem Glas

Episode 3 of the new www.freshmilk.tv format „Schneller Teller“ conquers our culinary senses with its freshness. The apple pie dessert is a variation of the Philadelphia cheesecake. It’s light, delicious and looks stunning in its transparent decor. The Freshmilk.TV team loves it for its vanilla note and for the fact that it doesn’t need to be baked. Done in under 10 minutes, the apple pie in a glass is the perfect dessert for a summer garden party. Bonne appetit! "Schneller Teller" is a cooperation by Freshmilk.TV and Effilee, with kind support by Fissler. From 07 May 2012 on www.freshmilk.tv.


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