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Zwei DJs auf Mondfahrt

Elevator Talk: Moonbootica

"Elevator Talk", Freshmilk.TV's world famous new format enters its 3rd round. This time we invited Hamburg DJs KoweSix und Tobitob, better known as Moonbootica, to take the ride of their lives in our elevator. The band name actually derives from their rather large shoe sizes (size 47 & 48), which quickly led them to think of rather large shoes, i.e. moon boots. The two guys are playing a mix of Electro House and Funky House/French House with a bit of Hip Hop influence. During our improvised trip to the moon, we got to know quite a bit about Moonbootica's dark side. Check out the interview and find out what Sylvester Stallone had to do with all three albums and who will bathe naked in moon dust. If you want to visit the two DJs on facebook, check out their page at https://www.facebook.com/Moonbootica.


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Zwei DJs auf Mondfahrt

Elevator Talk: Moonbootica

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